Our Mission

The mission of Signature Signs, Inc. is to help our clients create positive first impressions, drive customer traffic and increase sales. We recognize that any sign company can put up a sign, and therefore we refuse to be “any sign company.”

We are a professionally managed organization that strives to continuously improve our processes, products and services to the benefit of our clients.

We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our service, our marketing and design expertise and our commitment to the community. We actively solicit client feedback and measure customer satisfaction.  We price our products and services fairly and treat our clients, employees and suppliers with respect and integrity.

Our Principles

Our Team is dedicated to the following principles:

Quality: We are committed to providing products manufactured to high standards of quality and durability, and providing first-class installation and design services.

Value: Signature Signs is focused on pricing our products and services competitively and fairly. We trust our clients will give consideration to the additional value-added benefits of choosing Signature Signs versus a “low-bid” competitor.

Service: Signature Signs is dedicated to providing excellent client service in an industry where this focus is typically lacking. We demonstrate this commitment by treating clients and prospects with fairness, respect and appreciation. We also monitor our success by routinely surveying our clients for satisfaction indicators.

Reliability: We say what we will do and will do what we say. In the unavoidable instances that we cannot deliver what we've promised within budget, on-time or to the original specifications, we will candidly discuss and resolve these together with you,  our client.

Proactivity: Signature Signs is dedicated to process improvement and proactively finding ways to improve our operations and bring additional value to our clients. We actively seek out new products and design options for our clients, and pursue every opportunity to improve our own efficiencies.

Integrity: Every member of the Signature Signs team is committed to treating every client and fellow employees with honesty, respect and professionalism. Simply stated, we treat others the way we want to be treated.

Community: Signature Signs is dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we do business. We demonstrate this commitment by providing preferential pricing or product and monetary contributions to deserving local non-profit organizations, and by contributing our time as volunteers and encouraging our employees to do the same.

Expertise: Any company can make a sign. Signature Signs offers marketing and branding assistance from veteran marketing executives, complementary design services from experienced professionals, and sales support by career salespeople.

Please give us an opportunity to earn your business.  We invite you Request a quote or contact us today.